Adding and Editing a WooCommerce Product

You’ve got your WooCommerce theme ready to go and now it’s time to add your first product! Here’s a quick tutorial that shows you the basics in adding and editing a product. For more detailed information, visit WooCommerce’s documentation on Adding and Managing Products.



  1. Go to Products -> Add Products in your Dashboard. You’ll be taken to the Visual Editor to start adding your new product!

Add and Edit a WooCommerce Product


If you want to edit an existing product, select Products from the Dashboard and hover your mouse over an existing product and select Edit.

Adding and Editing a WooCommerce Product


2. In the Visual Editor, type in the product name and include a description in the main text box.

Add WooCommerce Product

Here’s what it would look like so far:




3. Next, scroll down to Product Data to include the price for your product.

Adding Price to WooCommerce Product


4. Have a sale item? Under the Sale Price text box, include a sale price value. This price will automatically switch the product to the sale price.

Adding Sale Price to WooCommerce Product


5. You can also schedule a sale with a start and end date. To do so, click Schedule under the Sale Price text box and input the From and To text boxes.

Adding Price to WooCommerce Product



6. Click Set Product Image to upload the image of the product. To add more images, click the Add Product Gallery Images.

woocommerce product images


Here’s what your product looks like so far:

WooCommerce Product Image


And in the product list:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.57.14 AM


7. Categorizing products helps organize your products for your customers. A common method is to include a list of categories in the sidebar of your website. Click all the categories that the product should be under.

Add categories to WordPress shop


8. To add a new Category, click Add New Product Category and create a new name. If needed, make sure to select which parent category it should be in.

WooCommerce product categories Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.14.09 PM



Save as Draft or Publish your product post.

Save your WordPress Product

And there you have it – the bare bones to adding your first products! For more detailed information, visit WooCommerce’s documentation on Adding and Managing Products.

Click here to find more of my tutorials on using WooCommerce. Have fun!

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